Carlton Trophy 2021

Carlton Trophy 2021

Preliminary Round
By 17 May
Round 1
By 28 June
Round 2
By 2 Aug
Quarter Final
By 20 Sep
Semi Final
By 18 Oct
By 8 Nov
Adrian Larkins
Michael Bourne
Tim Hubbard
Robert Boddington
Alan Arscott
Richard Cunis
David Erwin
Iain Baillie
John Aarvold
Jeff Turner
Charlie Jamieson
Ed Pickard
Paul Richards
Peter Banks
George Meakin
Julian Hill
Michael Wauchope
Michael Stephens
William Carr
Charles Maisey
Simon Allport
David Pettman
David Reed
Jeremy Cary
Kevin Eakin
Jeremy Carey
Peter Costain
Matt Mockridge
Bertie Shotton
Nigel Turner
Alan Hissey
John Newton
Willie Lebus
Simon Wilson
Giles Brealy
Richard Ohlson
Graham Lark
Stephen Yorke
Oliver Saxby
Richard Costain


Top named player to arrange match & select venue

Local member to give one stroke to visitor

Each player’s Club handicap Index current at the time of playing the relevant Carlton match will apply unless a “Lucifer Handicap” then applies. This reduces the Club handicap by two shots (though more than one reduction may apply concurrently). Generally, each reduction will last one year from when it arose Rule 17 of the LGS governs.

If in doubt, please refer to the Hon. Match Scribe, where possible.

Matches to be played off [medal] tees where possible

Full handicap difference.

Winner to inform Jeff Turner. ASAP. Please!