Carlton Knockout

Date(s) - Mon, 01 Mar 2021
12:00 am

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Carlton Knockout

This is an individual match play knockout competition open to all Lucifers to play for the Carlton Cup off your current  Handicap Index adjusted to the applicable local course  by reference to its slope rating and (where relevant) as revised in accordance with Rule M in the  Summary of the Rules of the Society’s set out in the Lucifer List of Members.

Names will be drawn by the Hon. Scribe and the draw will be sent to the contestants as well as posted on the website. Matches are played at the home club of the Lucifer who is top of the draw, and visiting Lucifers are granted an extra shot by their host.

All matches are to be played by the date as set out by the Hon. Scribe and the Carlton Cup will be presented to the winner at the first Lucifer dinner taking place after the knockout tournament is concluded.

The latest Information and Results from the Carlton Knockout will appear below provided that the Scribe is  first advised promptly of the result of each particular match played.

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