Hon. Scribe’s letter January 2022

12th January 2022


Dear Fellow Lucifer,


This is my customary letter at the start of a new Lucifer year, this one being special as it involves our continuing our centenary celebrations with several notable additional events. The then Outgoing Captain, Nigel Turner’s swansong, the dinner in the Long Room at Lord’s in November last, was by all accounts reaching the Hon. Scribe a triumphal start to our Centenary Year. Now it is up to all of us to ensure that our 100th year will be an outstanding one, both as the events occur and in retrospect.


The following items are enclosed with this letter:


1.The Fixtures List for 2022

From this you will be able to see the increased activity we have planned around the time of the Commonwealth Tournament.  We are anticipating a greatly enhanced number of overseas visitors this centenary year, an added factor being that the Covid 19 pandemic, having precluded our holding the two tournaments in 2020 and 2021, has created extra demand. Whilst this will mean that no Lucifer will be able to participate in the games at West Hill and Sunningdale, the overseas players being given precedence, the Society will nonetheless need to be well represented on those two days and at the surrounding games v. The Australians at The Berkshire on Friday 1st July, v. Rest of the Commonwealth Golfers at Walton Heath on Thursday 7th July and v. The Canadians at Woking on Friday 8th July. You are invited to communicate your wish to be involved in assisting in the Commonwealth Tournament administration/hosting, direct to the Hon.Commonwealth Scribe, Chris Bonsall, who is looking for about 10 to 12 volunteers each day. Chris will also be arranging, as from about 1st February, to record on the website these three matches to enable you to enter and pay for those in which you are able to play.

The Fixtures List is now also recorded on the website as are the matches for which applications to play, in the form of expressions of interest, can be recorded by Members (and shown on the website as “Pending”).  These “Pending” entries will enable the Match managers to pick their teams. Likewise, you are now invited to put your name down as a competitor for this year’s Carlton Cup for which the draw will be made in early February; so the deadline for recording your interest in participating in the Carlton is likely to be the end of January.

The Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings, and our Members’ Dinners will not be recorded on the website until nearer the time scheduled for them to be held, as it is inappropriate for them to have “Pending” recorded against them by Members. Rather, what is required in relation to these events is actual bookings and the appropriate payment being made as required by the relevant organising Scribe. As you have already been made aware in Nigel Turner’s letter of 16th December, all payments to be made in future for Meetings or Dinners, booked via the website, should now be made by credit card and no longer by BACS as the latter involves delay and time-consuming forensic work by the relevant Scribes.

We used in the past to have a Match Application Form which Members were invited to fill out, expressing their interest in any Match or Meeting and to return to the Hon. Scribe. Some people did as suggested, whilst others sent an email. A number did not respond at all. This involved a disproportionate amount of work for the Scribe  to undertake, so we supplanted that system by setting up our website a few years ago. This is a website package used by a number of other golfing societies with significant membership numbers. For most people, using a website for such purpose is something they have become used to doing without undue difficulty. If you fall into the category of members who find websites difficult to navigate, you can always communicate directly with relevant Match Managers or Scribe to register your interest in any match or event. To elicit interest in any match, Match Managers likewise customarily contact those who have played in matches in recent years. Thus they are likely to welcome Members contacting them directly to express their interest in any relevant fixture. It should be borne in mind by newer Lucifers  and Match Managers that there is an unwritten edict that when there is a surplus of applicants for any particular match, newer Members will be given special consideration, a balance needing to be maintained between those who have traditionally supported a fixture and the need to open the fixture to new blood within the Society.

We now have three fixtures in which our ladies also can play against the wives and partners of our opponents, immediately after our own matches on relevant days: those against Aldeburgh and those against Royal Worlington and Royal West Norfolk, these last two on consecutive days in June to be followed by our playing with our ladies in a mixed game at Hunstanton GC. If you are putting your name down to play in any of these fixtures (Aldeburgh now being played  on Thursday 31st   March and Friday 1st April-please note this is a change from the fixture list initially lodged on the website) , or Royal Worlington, Royal West Norfolk and Hunstanton on (14-16th June), please will you separately communicate with the relevant Match Manager whether your wife or partner will be accompanying you and whether she is or is not intending to play golf as there is no facility to do that on the website.


  1. Update for our List of Members

This update is intended to reflect all the changes communicated to me during the year by members. My apologies to you if I have overlooked anything. It is quite a task maintaining a note of these, however punctilious one tries to be. Very few of you have, in fact, communicated any changes to your historic handicap notwithstanding the changes the R&A promulgated last year. Inevitably a number of those shown will not be an accurate, rounded up or down, version of what is now termed your “handicap index”. By way of an aide-memoire for those who have won the Carlton Cup, or any of the Spring, Summer or Autumn meetings in any year, your handicap for the 12 months following your success is deemed to be reduced by two shots- q.v. paragraph M on p.37 of the List of Members.

If any of you have mislaid your last List of Members – a complete new one will be issued in January 2023-and have not already requested a new one, there are about 30 available in stock which  I can supply on request as I am doing for three such Members already.


  1. Lucifer Match Results for 2021

Although these were sent as part of the Outgoing Captain’s letter, there was regretfully an error in the results of the Edward Brice trophy about which one of the rightful winners, whose name was omitted, was too modest to comment! Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to the runners-up and indeed the rest of us who participated but failed to challenge the winning individual or pair.


Name Badges

A number of Members have in recent months requested new name badges for themselves or their spouses for use at formal functions. I will at the end of January be putting in an order for them from the suppliers. If you need one, please let me know your requirements by 31.1.22 and in whose name it should be. If, as some people have contended, their wives have never been issued with a badge, these will be supplied free of charge. In all other cases the charge will be £8 made payable via BACS to The Lucifer Golfing Society, Lloyds Bank Sort Code: 30-97-81, A/c no. 00778583 using “Name badge” as your Payment Reference, please.


New Members

We have 141 Members of our Society currently, my now having restored to our List of Members the name of our most senior Lucifer in age, David Barrie, who has, to our delight, announced that there had been a misunderstanding and that he had never intended to resign from the Society. In accordance with our current Constitution, we are permitted to have up to 100 Ordinary Members (i.e. playing members under the age of 77). As at the end of this calendar year we will have 92 Ordinary Members.  This leaves a vacancy of up to 8 more Members being appointed next year. The General Committee appointed no new Members for this year as we wished to give the incoming members in 2020 and 2021 an opportunity this year to become fully integrated, their first and in some cases second years having been blighted, to an extent, by the impact of the pandemic. We currently have details of the following candidates for the year 2023 : Tom Corfield   (proposed by Simon Allport), Mark Miles (proposed by Mark Dumas), Ewen Gilmour (proposed by Michael Bourne)  Stephen Lark (proposed by Graham Lark), Karl Frearson ( proposed by Andrew Tusa) and Jeremy Dixon (proposed by Nigel Majury). The General Committee has yet properly to evaluate these applications for membership and to meet the candidates. Could those Members who have supplied details of these candidates please supply any information currently omitted from the relevant application form and make an effort during the first part of the year to introduce them to at least one additional member of the General Committee? This should advance the status of the applications made on their behalf.

It remains for me on behalf of the Captain and the rest of the General Committee to empathise with those of you who have for the second year running been thwarted from visiting Australia as part of the Lucifers tour and to wish all members well, safely vaccinated with available boosters, in the hope that we might see more of you following the relaxation of restrictions for which we have been waiting for so long, in this our Centenary year.


Yours sincerely,