Letter from Nigel Turner

The Lucifer Golfing Society
(Founded 1921)

Correspondence to:
The Squash Court
10 the Butchery
Kent CT13 9DL
Email: chrisbonsall.lcs@gmail.com

20 March 2020

Dear Commonwealth Friends,

You are the lifeblood and reason for the existence of the Lucifer Golfing Society since
its foundation in 1921 and its first Commonwealth Tournament in 1928. The
highlight of our year is to welcome you every July to our homes and courses in our
efforts to build strong and long-lasting ties and friendships between the United
Kingdom and your great countries—ties which we hope and believe will continue for
generations to come. The Tournament also provides Lucifer members the
opportunity to reciprocate all the kindness and hospitality which we have received
so memorably on Lucifer Tours to your countries and for which we will always be
grateful. Indeed the Society is very much looking forward to our Centenary Tour to
Australia in the first quarter of 2021.

For all these reasons it is with very great sadness that I must advise you all of the
cancellation of the 2020 Lucifer Commonwealth Tournament owing to the all
pervasive nature of the coronavirus in the UK and the Government’s quite proper
response to it.

We are hoping that the metaphorical clouds will lift later in the year and allow our
lives to return to normal, albeit a new normal. If this is the case and you find
yourselves in the UK wanting to play golf or simply to meet us, please do not hesitate
to let me, Chris Bonsall, The Commonwealth Scribe, and indeed any of your Lucifer
friends know as we are all eager to see you.

In the meantime Ross Graham, The Honorary Treasurer, will be reimbursing you in
full for the payments that you have made for this year’s Tournament and it is our
fervent hope that you will return in 2021 and for our special Centenary celebrations
in 2022 under the Captaincy of Bertie Shotton.

I wish you and your families good health and happiness in the surreal times in which
we now find ourselves.

With best wishes,
Nigel Turner
Captain 2020/21
The Lucifer Golfing Society